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This study aims at investigating the possible effects of online group problem-solving tasks on undergraduates’ Critical Thinking (CT), creativity, and reading comprehension. To this end, a convenient sampling of Persian first-year students of non-English majors (finance) in Iran was selected as the participants. A homogeneous group of 60 Persian first-year students was randomly assigned into two groups experimental (N=30) and control (N=30) (N Total= 60) based on the OPT test results. Due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the data collection and the treatment were accomplished on the platforms of LMS, Google docs, email, and WhatsApp. The experimental group was instructed with online group problem-solving tasks for 12 sessions during the second academic semester of the educational ... toggle 4 keywords

critical thinking creativity l2 reading online group problem-solving.


Khalili, Tahmineh
University of Isfahan
Publication Year
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Oct. 5, 2022

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