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Multiple antennas at the base station side can be used to enhance the spectral efficiency and energy efficiency of the next generation wireless technologies. Indeed, massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO) is seen as one promising technology to bring the aforementioned benefits for fifth generation wireless standard, commonly known as 5G New Radio (5G NR). In this monograph, we will explore a wide range of potential topics in multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) relevant to 5G NR, • Sum rate maximizing beamforming (BF) design and robustness to partial channel state information at the transmitter (CSIT) • Asymptotic analysis of the various BF techniques in massiveMIMO and • Bayesian channel estimationmethods using sparse Bayesian learning. While massive MIMO has the ... toggle 5 keywords

sparse bayesian learning massive mimo beamforming large system analysis random matrix theory message passing.


Christo Kurisummoottil Thomas
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Sept. 30, 2021

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