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This thesis represents a significant part of the research activity conducted during the PhD program in Information Technologies, supported by Selta S.p.A, Cadeo, Italy, focused on the analysis and design of a Power Line Communications (PLC) system. In recent times the PLC technologies have been considered for integration in Smart Grids architectures, as they are used to exploit the existing power line infrastructure for information transmission purposes on low, medium and high voltage lines. The characterization of a reliable PLC system is a current object of research as well as it is the design of modems for communications over the power lines. In this thesis, the focus is on the analysis of a full-duplex PLC ... toggle 15 keywords

adaptive signal processing least mean square lms echo cancellation weight reset full-duplex power line communications plc impulsive noise ofdm multicarrier echo canceller fixed point lms channel coding ldpc bit interleaved coded modulation


Tripodi, Carlo
Università degli Studi di Parma
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June 24, 2019

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