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Modern research in environmental microbiology utilizes genomic data, especially sequencing of DNA, to describe microbial communities. The field studying all genetic material present in an environmental sample is referred to as metagenomics. This doctoral thesis deals with metagenomics from the perspective of bioinformatics that is unreplaceable during the data processing. In the theoretical part of this thesis, two different approaches of metagenomics are described including their main principles and weaknesses. The first approach, based on targeted sequencing, is a well-established field with a wide range of bioinformatics techniques. Yet, methods for comparison of samples from several environments can be highly improved. The approach introduced in this thesis uses unique transformation of data into a bipartite ... toggle 7 keywords

metagenomics targeted sequencing shotgun sequencing bipartite graph microbial network binning genomic signal processing


Sedlar, Karel
Brno University of Technology, Department of Biomedical Engineering
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Jan. 3, 2019

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