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Monitoring of vital signs is a key tool in medical diagnostics to asses the onset and the evolution of several diseases. Among fundamental vital parameters, such as the hearth rate, blood pressure and body temperature, the Respiratory Rate (RR) plays an important role. For this reason, respiration needs to be carefully monitored in order to detect potential signs or events indicating possible changes of health conditions. Monitoring of the respiration is generally carried out in hospital and clinical environments by the use of expensive devices with several sensors connected to the patient's body. A new research trend, in order to reduce healthcare service costs and make monitoring of vital signs more comfortable, is the development ... toggle 13 keywords

video analysis image processing motion analysis features extraction periodicity analysis remote sensing vital signs respiration patient monitoring breathing monitoring respiratory rate analysis apnea detection statistical modelling


Alinovi, Davide
University of Parma
Publication Year
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May 23, 2018

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