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This thesis deals with the synchronization of one or several replicas of a known signal received in a scenario with multipath propagation and directional interference. A connecting theme along this work is the systematic application of the maximum likelihood (ML) principle together with a signal model in which the spatial signatures are unstructured and the noise term is Gaussian- distributed with an unknown correlation matrix. This last assumption is key in obtaining estimators that are capable of mitigating the disturbing signals that exhibit a certain structure, and this is achieved without resorting to the estimation of the parameters of those signals. On the other hand, the assumption of unstructured spatial signatures is interesting from a ... toggle 7 keywords

GNSS GPS antenna arrays multipath mitigation interference mitigation maximum likelihood estimation time-delay estimation


Seco-Granados, Gonzalo
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Publication Year
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March 29, 2014

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