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eXtended Reality (XR) technology, also called Mixed Reality (MR), is in constant development and improvement in terms of hardware and software to offer relevant experiences to users. One of the advances in XR has been the introduction of real visual information in the virtual environment, offering a more natural interaction with the scene and a greater acceptance of technology. Another advance has been achieved with the representation of the scene through a video that covers the entire environment, called 360-degree or omnidirectional video. These videos are acquired by cameras with omnidirectional lenses that cover the 360-degrees of the scene and are generally viewed by users through a head-tracked Head Mounted Display (HMD). Users only visualize ... toggle 6 keywords

360-degree video extended reality video quality quality of experience immersive communications subjective assessment


Orduna, Marta
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Publication Year
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June 2, 2023

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