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The thesis first addresses the worst-user bottleneck of wireless coded caching, which is known to severely diminish cache-aided multicasting gains. We present a novel scheme, called aggregated coded caching, which can fully recover the coded caching gains by capitalizing on the shared side information brought about by the effectively unavoidable file-size constraint. The thesis then transitions to scenarios with transmitters with multi-antenna arrays. In particular, we now consider the multi-antenna cache-aided multi-user scenario, where the multi-antenna transmitter delivers coded caching streams, thus being able to serve multiple users at a time, with a reduced radio frequency (RF) chains. By doing so, coded caching can assist a simple analog beamformer (only a single RF chain), thus ... toggle 4 keywords

coded caching multiple antennas MIMO wireless communications


Sorbonne University, EURECOM
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April 3, 2023

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