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Data acquisition is a necessary first step in digital signal processing applications such as radar, wireless communications and array processing. Traditionally, this process is performed by uniformly sampling signals at a frequency above the Nyquist rate and converting the resulting samples into digital numeric values through high-resolution amplitude quantization. While the traditional approach to data acquisition is straightforward and extremely well-proven, it may be either impractical or impossible in many modern applications due to the existing fundamental trade-off between sampling rate, amplitude quantization precision, implementation costs, and usage of physical resources, e.g. bandwidth and power consumption. Motivated by this fact, system designers have recently proposed exploiting sparse and few-bit quantized sampling instead of the traditional ... toggle 8 keywords

direction of arrival estimation localization sparse array one-bit quantization one-bit sampling sparse sampling low-resolution quantization low-resolution sampling


Saeid Sedighi
University of Luxembourg
Publication Year
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Nov. 4, 2021

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