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In this dissertation, a novel scheme performing 3D reconstruction of a scene from a 2D video sequence is presented. To this aim, first, the trajectories of the salient features in the scene are determined as a sequence of displacements via Kanade-Lukas-Tomasi tracker and Kalman filter. Then, a tentative camera trajectory with respect to a metric reference reconstruction is estimated. All frame pairs are ordered with respect to their amenability to 3D reconstruction by a metric that utilizes the baseline distances and the number of tracked correspondences between the frames. The ordered frame pairs are processed via a sequential structure-from- motion algorithm to estimate the sparse structure and camera matrices. The metric and the associated reconstruction ... toggle 3 keywords

feature tracking structure-from-motion rate-distortion efficient scene representation


Imre, Evren
Middle East Technical University, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Publication Year
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April 30, 2008

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