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The electrocardiogram (ECG) signals bear fundamental information for medical experts to make decisions about heart diseases. Therefore, in the past decades the scientific community has made great efforts to develop methods for the heartbeat features extraction via ECG records with the highest accuracy and efficiency using different strategies. It should be noted that noise and artifacts induced by external factors make it difficult to learn specific patterns of ECG signals, which play an important role to find abnormalities. Using filtering techniques such as the unbiased finite impulse response FIR (UFIR) filtering approach promises better results. Aimed at extracting the features with the highest accuracy, in this dissertation, we have designed and applied to ECG signals ... toggle 5 keywords

electrocardiogram (ecg) signals features extraction smoothing ufir filter savitsky-golay filter


Lastre Dominguez Carlos Mauricio
Universidad de Guanajuato
Publication Year
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June 2, 2021

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