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Voice biometric systems use automatic speaker verification (ASV) technology for user authentication. Even if it is among the most convenient means of biometric authentication, the robustness and security of ASV in the face of spoofing attacks (or presentation attacks) is of growing concern and is now well acknowledged by the research community. A spoofing attack involves illegitimate access to personal data of a targeted user. Replay is among the simplest attacks to mount - yet difficult to detect reliably and is the focus of this thesis. This research focuses on the analysis and design of existing and novel countermeasures for replay attack detection in ASV, organised in two major parts. The first part of the ... toggle 5 keywords

anti-spoofing automatic speaker verification spoofing countermeasures analysis of spoofing countermeasures secure speaker verification


Bhusan Chettri
Queen Mary University of London
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Aug. 7, 2020

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