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SoftCast based Linear Video Coding (LVC) schemes have been emerged in the last decade as a quasi analog joint-source-channel alternative to classical video coding schemes. Theoretical analyses have shown that analog coding is better than digital coding in a multicast scenario when the channel signal-to-noise ratios (C-SNR) differ among receivers. LVC schemes provide in such context a decoded video quality at different receivers proportional to their C-SNR. This thesis considers first the channel precoding and decoding matrix design problem for LVC schemes under a per-subchannel power constraint. Such constraint is found, e.g., on Power Line Telecommunication (PLT) channels and is similar to per-antenna power constraints in multi-antenna transmission system. An optimal design approach is proposed, ... toggle 5 keywords

joint source-channel coding video transmission linear video coding power allocation impulse noise mitigation


Zheng, Shuo
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June 11, 2020

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