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The provision of accurate positioning is becoming essential to our modern society. One of the main reasons is the great success and ease of use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSSs), which has led to an unprecedented amount of GNSS-based applications. In particular, the current trend shows that a new era of GNSS-based applications and services is emerging. These applications are the so-called critical applications, in which the physical safety of users may be in danger due to a miss-performance of the positioning system. These applications have very stringent requirements in terms of integrity. Integrity is a measure of reliability and trust that can be placed on the information provided by the system. Integrity algorithms ... toggle 8 keywords

change detection GNSS integrity interference detection multipath detection signal quality monitoring statistics safety-critical


Egea-Roca, Daniel
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
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Nov. 15, 2018

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