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This work deals with the advancement of wideband hands-free systems (HFS’s) for mono- and stereophonic cases of application. Furthermore, innovative contributions to the corr. field of quality evaluation are made. The proposed HFS approaches are based on frequency-domain adaptive filtering for system identification, making use of Kalman theory and state-space modeling. Functional enhancement modules are developed in this work, which improve one or more of key quality aspects, aiming at not to harm others. In so doing, these modules can be combined in a flexible way, dependent on the needs at hand. The enhanced monophonic HFS is evaluated according to automotive ITU-T recommendations, to prove its customized efficacy. Furthermore, a novel methodology and techn. framework ... toggle 7 keywords

hands-free system automotive quality evaluation kalman adaptive filtering in-car communication


Jung, Marc-André
Technische Universität Braunschweig
Publication Year
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Sept. 28, 2018

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