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Matrix factorisations such as the eigen- (EVD) or singular value decomposition (SVD) offer optimality in often various senses to many narrowband signal processing algorithms. For broadband problems, where quantities such as MIMO transfer functions or cross spectral density matrices are conveniently described by polynomial matrices, such narrowband factorisations are suboptimal at best. To extend the utility of EVD and SVD to the broadband case, polynomial matrix factorisations have gained momen- tum over the past decade, and a number of iterative algorithms for particularly the polynomial matrix EVD (PEVD) have emerged. Existing iterative PEVD algorithms produce factorisations that are computationally costly (i) to calculate and (ii) to apply. For the former, iterative algorithms at every step ... toggle 5 keywords

polynomial matrix eigenvalue decomposition PEVD GEVD broadband signal processing


Corr, Jamie
University of Strathclyde
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Jan. 18, 2018

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