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Computer vision-based analysis of human facial video provides information regarding to expression, diseases symptoms, and physiological parameters such as heartbeat rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. It also provides a convenient source of heartbeat signal to be used in biometrics and forensics. This thesis is a collection of works done in five themes in the realm of computer vision-based facial image analysis: Monitoring elderly patients at private homes, Face quality assessment, Measurement of physiological parameters, Contact-free heartbeat biometrics, and Decision support system for healthcare. The work related to monitoring elderly patients at private homes includes a detailed survey and review of the monitoring technologies relevant to older patients living at home by discussing previous reviews ... toggle 7 keywords

computer vision facial video analysis heartbeat biometrics forensics health informatics physical fatigue


Haque, Mohammad Ahsanul
Aalborg Univeristy
Publication Year
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Jan. 19, 2017

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