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Source coding is an essential part in digital communications. In error-prone transmission conditions, even with the help of channel coding, which normally introduces delay, bit errors may still occur. Single bit errors can result in significant distortions. Therefore, a robust source decoder is desired for adverse transmission conditions. Compared to the traditional hard-decision (HD) decoding and error concealment, soft-decision (SD) decoding offers a higher robustness by exploiting the source residual redundancy and utilizing the bit-wise channel reliability information. Moreover, the quantization codebook index can be either mapped to a fixed number of bits using fixed-length (FL) codes, or a variable number of bits employing variable-length (VL) codes. The codebook entry can be either fixed over ... toggle 2 keywords

source decoding speech and audio codecs


Han, Sai
Technische Universit├Ąt Braunschweig
Publication Year
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Dec. 18, 2016

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