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In this thesis, the problem of resource allocation is investigated in multiuser, multi-antenna downlink wireless systems in which spatial multiplexing is employed in the physical layer. The thesis consists of two main parts; in the first, the interest is focused on optimizing system’s performance in terms of users’ transmission rate. Under this context, a low complexity but highly performing user selection algorithm is presented for the flat-fading channel, when zero-forcing beamforming is employed at the BS and the aim is to maximize system’s throughput. For the more interesting case where the transmission is performed simultaneously over a number of parallel subchannels, two fairness-aware resource allocation problems are investigated in the sense that certain QoS constraints ... toggle 6 keywords

wireless communications multiple anntenas resource allocation user selection physical layer security passive eavesdropping


Karachontzitis, Sotiris
University of Patras
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Dec. 10, 2016

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