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In this thesis, we consider four different scenarios of interest in modern satellite communications. For each scenario, we will propose the use of advanced solutions aimed at increasing the spectral efficiency of the communication links. First, we will investigate the optimization of the current standard for digital video broadcasting. We will increase the symbol rate of the signal and determine the optimal signal bandwidth. We will apply the time packing technique and propose a specifically design constellation. We will then compare some receiver architectures with different performance and complexity. The second scenario still addresses broadcast transmissions, but in a network composed of two satellites. We will compare three alternative transceiver strategies, namely, signals completely overlapped ... toggle 16 keywords

satellite communications time frequency packing faster-than-nyquist multiuser detection multiple access channel multibeam satellite earth observation predistortion channel shortening constellation optimization DVB-S2X broadcasting spectral efficiency co-located satellites information rate analysis alamouti space-time block code


Ugolini, Alessandro
University of Parma
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Dec. 9, 2016

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