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In the last few years Homeland Security (HS) has gained a considerable interest in the research community. From a scientific point of view, it is a difficult task to provide a definition of this research area and to exactly draw up its boundaries. In fact, when we talk about the security and the surveillance, several problems and aspects must be considered. In particular, the following factors play a crucial role and define the complexity level of the considered application field: the number of potential threats can be high and uncertain; the threat detection and identification can be made more complicated by the use of camouflaging techniques; the monitored area is typically wide and it requires ... toggle 13 keywords

atmospheric turbulences troposheric refraction tracking algorithms kalman filter sensor registration grid-locking problem least squares algorithm expectation-maximization algorithm identifiability problem hybrid cramér-rao bound modified cramér-rao bound intrinsic covariance matrix estimation riemann manifolds


Fortunati Stefano
University of Pisa
Publication Year
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Sept. 6, 2016

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