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In this thesis a method to implement the radiation characteristics of musical instruments in wave field synthesis systems is developed. It is applied and tested in two loudspeaker systems. Because the loudspeaker systems have a comparably low number of loudspeakers the wave field is synthesized at discrete listening positions by solving a linear equation system. Thus, for every constellation of listening and source position all loudspeakers can be used for the synthesis. The calculations are done in spectral domain, denying sound propagation velocity at first. This approach causes artefacts in the loudspeaker signals and synthesis errors in the listening area which are compensated by means of psychoacoustic methods. With these methods the aliasing frequency is ... toggle 6 keywords

psychoacoustics wave field synthesis radiation characteristics sound field synthesis musical acoustics radiation method


Ziemer, Tim
University of Hamburg
Publication Year
Upload Date
July 7, 2016

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