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Digital holography plays a crucial role in recent three dimensional imaging as well as microscopic applications. As a result, huge amounts of storage capacity will be involved for this kind of data. Therefore, it becomes necessary to develop efficient hologram compression schemes for storage and transmission purposes, which is the aim of this thesis. Particularly, the objective is the compression of digital holographic data obtained from phase-shifting interferometry. Unlike conventional approaches which encode certain representation of phase-shifting holographic data independently, the proposed work first studies the possible representations of phase-shifting holographic data and analyzes the redundancies in each representation. A new representation, referred to as shifted distance information, is selected as the compression target. Then, ... toggle 3 keywords

compression digital holograms computer generated holograms


Xing, Yafei
Institute Mines-Telecom, Telecom ParisTech
Publication Year
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Jan. 19, 2016

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