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Relaying, i.e., multihop communication via so-called relay nodes, has emerged as an advanced technology for economically realizing long transmission ranges and high data rates in wireless systems. The focus of this thesis is on multihop multiuser systems where signals are modulated with orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing or multiple access, i.e., OFDM(A), and relays are infrastructure-based network nodes. In general, the thesis contributes by investigating how to operate relay links optimally under spectrum, transmit power and processing capability limitations, as well as how to improve signal processing in relays by exploiting other advanced concepts such as multiantenna techniques, spectrum reuse, transmit power adaptation, and new options for multicarrier protocol design. The first theme is the design and ... toggle 4 keywords

OFDM OFDMA wireless communication relays


Riihonen, Taneli
Aalto University
Publication Year
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Nov. 18, 2015

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