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Modern speech communications are evolving towards a new direction which involves users in a more perceptive way. That is the immersive experience, which may be considered as the “last mile” problem of telecommunications. One of the main feature of immersive communications is the distant-talking, i.e. the hands-free (in the broad sense) speech communications without bodyworn or tethered microphones that takes place in a multisource environment where interfering signals may degrade the communication quality and the intelligibility of the desired speech source. In order to preserve speech quality intelligent acoustic interfaces may be used. An intelligent acoustic interface may comprise multiple microphones and loudspeakers and its peculiarity is to model the acoustic channel in order to ... toggle 7 keywords

adaptive filters acoustic echo cancellation nonlinear adaptive filters functional links adaptive combination of filters adaptive beamforming immersive communication


Comminiello, Danilo
Sapienza University of Rome
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Sept. 30, 2014

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