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This work deals with the problem of reverse audio engineering for active listening. The format under consideration corresponds to the audio CD. The musical content is viewed as the result of a concatenation of the composition, the recording, the mixing, and the mastering. The inversion of the two latter stages constitutes the core of the problem at hand. The audio signal is treated as a post-nonlinear mixture. Thus, the mixture is “decompressed” before being “decomposed” into audio tracks. The problem is tackled in an informed context: The inversion is accompanied by information which is specific to the content production. In this manner, the quality of the inversion is significantly improved. The information is reduced in ... toggle 6 keywords

active listening informed inversion of dynamic range compression informed source separation informed spatial filtering under linear constraint multichannel object-based audio coding reverse audio engineering


Gorlow, Stanislaw
Université Bordeaux 1
Publication Year
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May 4, 2014

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