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In recent years, we have assisted to the dawn of many wireless and wireline communication technologies that have adopted multi-carrier modulation (MCM) at the physical layer. The basic idea ofMCMs is to transmit a high rate data stream by dividing it into low rate streams that are used to generate low rate signals each modulated at a given carrier frequency. The use ofMCMs allows for dividing the frequency selective channel into a set of narrow-band sub-channels. Consequently, the transmitted signal experiences, in each sub-channel, a quasi flat frequency response, so that, the equalization task simplifies to a sub-channel filtering. In addition to the simplification of the equalization task, there are several benefits deriving from the ... toggle 5 keywords

power line communications resource allocations bit-loading WLAN TDMA


D'Alessandro, Salvatore
University of Udine
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Sept. 30, 2013

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