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The aim of this work is to develop research on 3D building modeling. In particular, the research in aerial-based 3D building reconstruction is a topic very developed since 1990. However, it is necessary to pursue the research since the actual approaches for 3D massive building reconstruction (although efficient) still encounter problems in generalization, coherency, accuracy. Besides, the recent developments of street acquisition systems such as Mobile Mapping Systems open new perspectives for improvements in building modeling in the sense that the terrestrial data (very dense and accurate) can be exploited with more performance (in comparison to the aerial investigation) to enrich the building models at facade level (e.g., geometry, texturing). Hence, aerial and terrestrial based ... toggle 14 keywords

3d city modeling building roof reconstruction street modeling facade modeling and texturing calibrated aerial images multiscopy mobile mapping system terrestrial laser data 3d point cloud geometry hypothesize-and-verify strategies computer vision photogrammetry remote sensing.


Hammoudi Karim
Université Paris-Est, Saint-Mandé, France
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Jan. 30, 2013

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