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In the last decade, one of the most significant technological developments that led to the new broadband wireless generation is the communication via multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. MIMO technologies have been adopted by many wireless standards such as Long Term Evolution (LTE), Wordlwide interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). This is mainly due to their ability to increase the maximum transmission rates, together with the achieved reliability and coverage of current wireless communications, all without the need for additional bandwidth nor transmit power. Nevertheless, the advantages provided by MIMO systems come at the expense of a substantial increase in the cost to deploy multiple antennas and also in the receiver ... toggle 5 keywords

mimo receivers sphere decoding lattice reduction llr quantization gpu implementation


Roger, Sandra
Universitat Politècnica de València (Technical University of Valencia)
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July 9, 2012

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