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The predominant game-theoretic solutions for distributed rate-maximization algorithms in Gaussian interference channels through optimal power control require perfect channel knowledge, which is not possible in practice due to various reasons, such as estimation errors, feedback quantization and latency between channel estimation and signal transmission. This thesis therefore aims at addressing this issue through the design and analysis of robust game-theoretic algorithms for rate-maximization in Gaussian interference channels in the presence of bounded channel uncertainty. A robust rate-maximization game is formulated for the single-antenna frequency-selective Gaussian interference channel under bounded channel uncertainty. The robust-optimization equilibrium solution for this game is independent of the probability distribution of the channel uncertainty. The existence and uniqueness of the equilibrium ... toggle 9 keywords

wireless communications game theory resource allocation distributed algorithms nash equilibrium robust games waterfilling algorithms orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) multiple-input multiple output (mimo)


Anandkumar, Amod Jai Ganesh
Loughborough University
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Aug. 19, 2011

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