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The subject of the thesis is the emergence and analysis of visual texture microstructure for efficient modeling, descriptive feature extraction and image representation. Main objectives are the problems of image texture modeling and analysis in Computer Vision systems, with emphasis on the subproblems of texture detection, segmentation and separation in images. Advanced modeling and analysis methods are developed in parallel directions: a) Multiband models of narrowband components and spatial modulations, b) Energy methods for texture feature extraction, c) Variational techniques of image decomposition and texture separation. The proposed methods are applied on a database of digitized soilsection images to quantify and evaluate the biological quality of soils and in different types and collections of natural ... toggle 18 keywords

computer vision image analysis image texture computational texture models texture analysis image segmentation feature extraction classification am-fm models non-linear models variational methods multichannel processing spatial filters energy operators demodulation image decomposition soilsection images speech detection


Evangelopoulos, Georgios
National Technical University of Athens
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Aug. 8, 2011

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