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Automated analysis of facial expressions has been an active area of study due to its potential applications not only for intelligent human-computer interfaces but also for human facial behavior research. To advance automatic expression analysis, this thesis proposes and empirically proves two hypotheses: (i) 3D face data is a better data modality than conventional 2D camera images, not only for being much less disturbed by illumination and head pose effects but also for capturing true facial surface information. (ii) It is possible to perform detailed face registration without resorting to any face modeling. This means that data-driven methods in automatic expression analysis can compensate for the confounding effects like pose and physiognomy differences, and can ... toggle 6 keywords

facial action unit detection 3d face analysis non-rigid registration facial expression recognition facial action coding system facial action unit intensity estimation


Savran, Arman
Bogazici University
Publication Year
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Feb. 17, 2011

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