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The use of biometrics looks promising as it is already being applied in electronic passports, ePassports, on a global scale. Because the biometric data has to be stored as a reference template on either a central or personal storage device, its wide-spread use introduces new security and privacy risks such as (i) identity fraud, (ii) cross-matching, (iii) irrevocability and (iv) leaking sensitive medical information. Mitigating these risks is essential to obtain the acceptance from the subjects of the biometric systems and therefore facilitating the successful implementation on a large-scale basis. A solution to mitigate these risks is to use template protection techniques. The required protection properties of the stored reference template according to ISO guidelines ... toggle 4 keywords

biometrics biometric data security template protection techniques


Kelkboom, Emile
University of Twente
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Jan. 14, 2011

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