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In this work, we study the application of wavelet analysis for robust speech processing. Reliable time-scale features (TS) which characterize the relevant phonetic classes such as voiced (V), unvoiced (UV), silence (S), mixed-excitation, and stop sounds are extracted. By training neural and Bayesian networks, the classification rates provided by only 7 TS features are mostly similar to the ones obtained by 13 MFCC features. The TS features are further enhanced to design a reliable and low-complexity V/UV/S classifier. Quantile filtering and slope tracking are used for deriving adaptive thresholds. A robust voice activity detector is then built and used as a pre-processing stage to improve the performance of a speaker verification system. Based on wavelet ... toggle 7 keywords

wavelet analysis wavelet denoising robust speech processing speech enhancement speech classification noise reduction ASR


Pham, Van Tuan
Graz University of Technology
Publication Year
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Sept. 8, 2010

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