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This thesis presents a framework of test methodology to assess spatial domain compression artefacts produced by image and intra-frame coded video codecs. Few researchers have studied this broad range of artefacts. A taxonomy of image and video compression artefacts is proposed. This is based on the point of origin of the artefact in the image communication model. This thesis presents objective evaluation of distortions known as artefacts due to image and intra-frame coded video compression made using synthetic test patterns. The American National Standard Institute document ANSI T1 801 qualitatively defines blockiness, blur and ringing artefacts. These definitions have been augmented with quantitative definitions in conjunction with test patterns proposed. A test and measurement environment ... toggle 25 keywords

image quality image compression compression artefatcs test patterns objective evalaution codec evaluation compression distortions compression artefacts coding multipath artefact mitigation image and video quality subjective assessment objective assessment test patterns blockiness blur ringing colour bleeding JPEG JPEG2000 MPEG colour blur colour ringing


Punchihewa, Amal
Massey University, New Zealand
Publication Year
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Jan. 16, 2010

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