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Air traffic control (ATC) voice radio communication between aircraft pilots and controllers is subject to technical and functional constraints owing to the legacy radio system currently in use worldwide. This thesis investigates the embedding of digital side information, so called watermarks, into speech signals. Applied to the ATC voice radio, a watermarking system could overcome existing limitations, and ultimately increase safety, security and efficiency in ATC. In contrast to conventional watermarking methods, this field of application allows embedding of the data in perceptually irrelevant signal components. We show that the resulting theoretical watermark capacity far exceeds the capacity of conventional watermarking channels. Based on this finding, we present a general purpose blind speech watermarking algorithm ... toggle 9 keywords

information hiding digital watermarking speech watermarking legacy system enhancement watermark capacity watermark synchronization air traffic control voice radio analog radio channel


Hofbauer, Konrad
Graz University
Publication Year
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March 20, 2009

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