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This thesis deals with problems of Pattern Recognition in the framework of Machine Learning (ML) and, specifically, Statistical Learning Theory (SLT), using Support Vector Machines (SVMs). The focus of this work is on the geometric interpretation of SVMs, which is accomplished through the notion of Reduced Convex Hulls (RCHs), and its impact on the derivation of new, efficient algorithms for the solution of the general SVM optimization task. The contributions of this work is the extension of the mathematical framework of RCHs, the derivation of novel geometric algorithms for SVMs and, finally, the application of the SVM algorithms to the field of Medical Image Analysis and Diagnosis (Mammography). Geometric SVM Framework's extensions: The geometric interpretation ... toggle 8 keywords

classifier support vector machine geometric algorithm reproducing kernel hilbert space reduced convex hull mammography image processing fractal analysis


Mavroforakis, Michael
University of Athens
Publication Year
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Feb. 23, 2009

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