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The main research area of this Ph.D. thesis is video sequence processing and analysis for description and indexing of visual content. Its objective is to contribute in the development of a computational system with the capabilities of object-based segmentation of audiovisual material, automatic content description, summarization for preview and browsing, as well as content-based retrieval. The thesis consists of four parts. The first introduces video sequence analysis, segmentation and object extraction based on color, motion, and depth field. A fusion technique is proposed that combines individual cue segmentations and allows for reliable identification of semantic objects. The second part refers to automatic description and annotation of the visual content by means of feature vectors, summarization, ... toggle 7 keywords

image segmentation shape representation affine-invariant normalization video summarization video parsing video indexing content-based retrieval


Avrithis, Yannis
National Technical University of Athens
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Dec. 13, 2008

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