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The concept of fractional calculus has emerged as one of the most effective mathematical tools for improving the performance of electrical circuits and systems. By using this tool electronic filters, oscillators, integrators, differentiators, and several other signal processing circuits and systems are realized in fractional sense. Consequently, these systems are known as fractional-order systems, and they enjoy more degree of freedom. Fractional-order systems also have higher accuracy and flexibility than the conventional systems. The fractional-order systems utilize fractance devices (FDs) in place of conventional passive circuit components. Although these FDs are not available commercially as a lumped element; they can be approximated using a semi-infinite R-C/R-L tree or ladder network. These R-C/R-L networks based FDs ... toggle 14 keywords

analog signal processing circuits butterworth filter caputo derivative fractance devices fractional derivative fractional-order filters fractional-order oscillators gain logarithmic amplifier phase shift riemann surface roll-off rate stability wien bridge oscillator w-plane


Mishra, Shalabh Kumar
University of Delhi
Publication Year
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Aug. 23, 2021

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